The Privacy Panic Over FaceApp

An app called FaceApp is increasingly viral from the past week in the world.  In terms of downloads, the first place on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store is on the top.  The question is still raised on how safe this Russian app is.  FaceApp tells how anyone would look after 50 years from now or what he looked like in youth.  Also, there is also an option to add a smile to the face in the photo, changing shave and hairstyle and color.  To do all this, use FaceApp Artificial Intelligence.  The user simply has to upload his own photo.  FaceApp was launched in 2017, but it is now viral.  This app was created by a Russian company by the Wireless Lab, whose founder and CEO Yarolaw Gonsharov had worked in Microsoft.  Due to being Russian, this app is said to threaten user data.

This app has put the concerns of data privacy and security in mind.  America is also nervous about it.  Recently, Democratic Party leaders have demanded to remove it from their mobile immediately and get the FBI examined.  However, they are more afraid of the fact that the app is Russian.  The US has been accusing Russia of influencing its elections on the Internet.  The danger of sharing your personal data with the mobile app is not new.  There have been allegations of misuse of data or our personal information on large companies like Facebook and Google.  These companies have also paid billions of rupees.  Recently, the International Computer Science Institute has researched 88,000 apps in the Google Play Store and has concluded that there are about 1325 apps that steal user data without permission.  These apps are checking for files in the SD card.  There are about 27 million apps in the Google Play Store right now.  Out of these, 88 thousand have been tested.

At the same time, the app came in the discussion based on Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence is a computer-like ability to think and think.  Work is going on in this world.  Facial Recognition is the part of identifying the face, which is being used from mobile to airport these days.  FaceApp is gathering data of face, so also concerns are being raised about it.

These conditions of the FaceAppe have the risk of misuse of photos, a similar privacy policy is from many applications.

  1. The app can use your photo by placing your picture on the server

Face App can keep your uploaded photos with you and use them on their own.  Your photo album is also synced.  Now in the updated version, FaceApp is already telling that it will keep your uploaded photo and the changed picture on its server.  However, CEO of FaceApp claims that the picture will not be kept on the server for more than 48 hours.

Due to this: According to the FaceApp privacy policy, how can he use your photographs?  You are allowed to make a change in the photo, anywhere, and how to use it.  The company can use your photos commercially.  It is also clarified that you will not be given royalties for this.

  1. Can share your information with any country or company

Fasapp’s privacy policy mentions that it can share the information given by you with any other country.  It has also been said that FaceApp cannot fully guarantee the security of information.  Can share information such as your device (model, IMEI number), location, and the third party.

Threat from: Your information may fall in the wrong hands while going through many mediums.  Just like your picture may be misused.  Your personal information can be shared with advertisers.  If you log on to Facebook through Facebook, then FaceApp gets your emails and contacts.

  1. Delete the account, still, keep the information with you

According to the Terms of Service of FaceApp, you are giving them the worldwide license of their photographs for free.  If full FaceApp or a part of it is sold, then your information and photos can go to the buyer.  Even if you delete your account, FaceApp also has the right to store your information with you.

Threat from: Since FaceApp is a Russian company and its office is in the US, it is difficult to take any legal action regarding the misuse of your content, photo or other information.  In India, there is currently no law for data privacy and security.