Ms. Suditi Tandon

Chief Administrative Officer

Suditi Tandon, a budding lawyer from a renowned law college in India. Her cyber law experience is demonstrated from various internships she has undertaken in the course of her degree at National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), World Cyber Security Forum, Indian National Association of Legal Professionals (INALP), Niti Manthan and many more. She has been in the Writers and Editors Committee in World Cyber Security Forum and penned down various articles analyzing Cyber Crimes Against Women and Children. She has also been a part of think tank organization, Niti Manthan where she prepared report on IT laws, e-frauds and Cybercrimes. Her specialization is in Contemporary Crimes & Law and Human Rights & Criminal Justice System, hence having sound knowledge of cyber law, cybercrimes, cyber security, human rights issues pertaining to women and children. Her certification in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also provides her with a global lens for determining cyber law strategies for the digital world. She is the author and creator of “Cyber Periodical”, an initiative to cater to her passion of spread awareness about cyber related issues. Also she feels passionately for environmental issues and has been applauded for her documentary “Can we apply mind before burning bodies”. She’s a passionate researcher for cyber law; its issues and challenges. She is also a competitive debater with persuasiveness in both writing and speech.

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