ISBN : 978-17-2678-933-2

In this age, Information Technology is encompassing all walks of life. Cyberspace has brought a transition from paper to the paperless world. Cyber Law touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities involving the internet, World Wide Web and cyberspace in all walks of day to day life. 

Every action and reaction of cyberspace has some legal and cyber legal angles.

Edition : 2018 First

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Data Protection in Cyberspace
| Shreyash Atlasia |

Addressing the Concern of Victims of Typo-Squatting
| Sneha Singh & Shruti Shikha |

Legal Control on Social Networking Sites in India
| Manoj Singh |

Ethical Hacker Role in Regulation of Cyber Crime
| Ariba Abbas |

Crimes on Social Media
| Shruti Gupta |

Cyber Laws of India & Other Countries
| Ananya Rai |

Connotations of the Right to Privacy & its Legal Discourse
| Shruti Gupta |

Cyber Crimes Against Children
| Suchita Singh |


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