Internship Opportunity with Cyberlekh Publication’s (an imprint of cybertalkindia)

About Cybertalkindia:

We focus on cyber security training and skill development about digital citizenship and internet safety. With the cashless economy boom, there is a pressing need to create a cyber-aware generation. We have experience of training School Kids, College Students, Professionals, Law Enforcement Agencies and Senior Citizens on the lines of Cyber Security Awareness We offer dedicated courseware on Cyber Security, Cyber Law, and Internet Maturity Education.


About Cyberlekh Publication’s

We believe that knowledge is not to store but to provide to the world and publications are the essential instrument of creating awareness through making people read what you know. We are the imprint of CYBERTALKINDIA – NETIZENS CHOICE. Our founder is also an author of more than nine books. We understand the effort you give to your writing and also understand the problems that occur in its publication. We understand that your manuscript is your most prized possession, and that how important it is for you to see it get published and out in the market. Here’ s a quick list which entails this determination and understanding that makes us stand out in the crowd. Contract it’s your book, and it is imperative that you own all the rights to your content to enjoy unabridged control over it. With Cyberlekh Publication’s Author – Publisher contract, we make sure this happens.

Posts Available For Recruitment:

  • Campus Ambassador
  • Content Writer
  • Editors


All the posts will be for a term of 1 Year and the certificates will be provided after the successful ending of the term. (The position will be contractual basis and person appointed can be removed from the post without any notice if work found unsatisfactory.)

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Students pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate course.

What Perks we will Give You:

To hold the position and lead Cyberlekh Publication’s(an imprint of cybertalkindia) is in itself matter of pride. But the opportunities come with the responsibilities too.

Certificate at the end of tenure, which will enhance your CV.
Get Discount on the activities of Cyberlekh Publication’s(an imprint of cybertalkindia) & its partner organizations.

Get Published on Cyberlekh Publication’s(an imprint of cybertalkindia) and make the fraternity feel your presence by your words.

Learn professionalism and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management etc.

Opportunity to make your special identity, you can write yourself as, Cyberlekh Publication’s(an imprint of cybertalkindia) in your email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook, Insta profiles, blogs, personal pages etc.

How To Apply:

Send your CV with Cover Letter at


For any query write us at

Website is HERE