Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why online certificate course is important for the student’s?

Whether you are looking to boost your resume, or find a more fulfilling career or simply increase your future prospects, online courses are available and easily accessible in a variety of diverse subjects.

One of the most obvious benefits of online study is the ability to manage your own schedule. While any course will likely have specific deadlines for assignments and exams, you will be fully in control of the majority of your study time, and as a result you can schedule your learning around work, family or any other commitments.

Likewise, as you will be studying from home, you won’t have to worry about time consuming or expensive travel to get to your lessons.

We also know that distance learning has been beneficial to improve our skill even after leaving colleges. On the other hand, both Govt. and Private sectors in our place seek for a certificate before promoting a certain employee.

Certification Courses are required in every industry for various reasons as mentioned below:-

  • These courses provide in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology needed to perform a task efficiently. 
  • These courses are job focused and provide a wide range of skills to an individual so that he can perform well when dealing with complex projects, vendors and multi-platform environment. Thus helps in enhancing the confidence level of an individual. 
  • The curriculum of these courses is designed in such a way that it includes all practical skills to be used at the work place. When an individual has a prior knowledge of his subject area it helps him to perform much more confidently and efficiently at workplace.
  • It provides training on various aspects of subject and guides them to utilise them effectively into their work environments. This assures employers about the capabilities of an employee that he can successfully complete a job. 
  • It provides detailed knowledge and skills required to perform real-world job responsibilities. Certification Course is followed by a series of tests conducted at the completion of course that helps to assess the capabilities and expertise of an individual in his chosen subject area.
  • When you do a Certification Course you acquire the necessary skills helping you to stay competitive.
  • Having a prior knowledge of the job responsibilities provided by these courses helps an individual to easily adapt to the work environment and quickly advance in his career.

Q. Difference between Certificate Course & Diploma Course?

Certificates are generally different than diplomas because they are given out to students who have passed a particular course of study not necessarily related to high school graduation requirements. Certificates show that students have mastered a particular skill usually associated with a job requirement. 

For example, those who write software may be required to hold a certificate showing that they have learned how to code in a specific computer language like C++ or Java. Some employers don’t require a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a certain field as long as they know an applicant has received training in a particular skill. This training is often represented as a certificate.

Unfortunately, the difference between diplomas and certificates can become morally questionable at some institutions. Some of the body providing these certification courses simply call their certificate programs “diploma” programs. The difference is in name only the Certification Course can be designed by any registered body whereas Diploma Course is offered by the university or the body recognised by the University.

Q. Which One is much better a Certificate Course or a Diploma Course?

Now a days Certification Course are higher on demand instead of Diploma Courses because Diploma Courses takes a lot of wealth as well as time. On the other hand Certification Course helps the students to manage the time as well as the money  for the student. The value of the certificates are same now a days for both the programs.


We are the only body providing affordable certification courses as well as we also award student with two certificates at the end of the program i.e., Certificate of Completion & Certificate of Publication in a book bearing an ISBN [ INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER ]

We have an experience of more than  04 Years we have been working with many professional institutions, Law Enforcement’s as well as many internationally law firms.

Our certification course is approved by the law firm of Indore as well as Maharashtra.

Q. What Type of Course CYBERTALKINDIA Offers & Who Can Join Us?

We offers different type of program as mentioned here –

|Certification Course on Cyber Law (Basic) @ 2 Months |

| Certification Course on IPR in Cyberspace @ 2 Months|

| Certification Course on Media Law @ 3 Months|

| Certification Course on Constitutional Law of India @ 3 Months|

| Certificate Course on Computer Crime Investigation & Computer Forensics @ 2 Months |

| Certificate Course on Computer Forensic Investigation @ 3 Months |

| Certificate Course on International Space Law @ 2 Months |

| Certificate Course on Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law @ 3 Months |

Person having basic knowledge of computer can join the course

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