Cybertalkindia’s All India Virtual Debate Competition [September 14]: Register by September 12

About Organizers: –

CYBERTALKINDIA is an MSME & ISO Certified Virtual Firm established in the year 2018 focus on cyber-security training and skill development about digital citizenship and internet safety. With the cashless economy boom, there is a pressing need to create a cyber-aware generation.

About the competition

Cyberspace is an intangible dimension with lawlessness and the absence of respect for jurisdiction. Digitization is an important facet to human life in imparting valuable information, economic gains, keeping connected and so many others but the limitations attached to it cannot be overlooked. Henceforth, protecting the cyberspace from belligerent cybercrimes is perceived to be more challenging than ever as people are facing a pandemic of its own. Thus the premise of this debate is to give a platform to people for encapsulating and analyzing the challenges and wonders of this digital era we all live in. This debate will accelerate participant’s familiarization with contemporary issues of law which provides new and exciting ways of exploring the changing dynamics of our world regime, in order to compete and deliberate upon proposing for safer cyberspace.

Topic – Astounding effects of digital era echoes for an unprecedented cyber pandemic

Eligibility – This competition is open for everyone.

Rules and guidelines-

  • The debate will be conducted on 14th September 2020 via a virtual platform.
  • Two participants can participate from each university and one can participate individually as well. Uploading a copy of the college id is mandatory in the registration form.
  • The participants will be allotted team codes and shall only represent themselves by their respective team codes. They are not allowed to disclose their identity.
  • There will be 3 rounds:
  1. Preliminary Round – 20 teams
  2. Semi-final Round – 10 teams
  3. 3rd – Final Round – 4 teams
  • Each speaker will be allotted 3 minutes for 1st round and 5 minutes for the 2nd and 3rd round for their respective stand. Also, there will be an open ground for rebuttal and interjections in the semi-final round.
  • Participants will be required to prepare for both the sides i.e., FOR and AGAINST the motion.
  • Marking criteria –

  • The medium of communication will be English only.
  • Four prizes will be announced – two for winners and two for runners’ up (for and against the motion).
  • The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.
  • The use of foul or obscene language will lead to disqualification.
  • Details and information concerning the debate will be shared through Whatsapp by the organizing committee.

Registration Details –

  • Individual participant – Rs.150 (HERE)
  • Team Participant – Rs.300 (HERE)
  • Registration Form – (HERE)

Note: Screenshot of Payment of Registration Fee needs to be uploaded in Registration Form.

Last Date for registration – 12th September 2020


  • Cash Prize + E-certificate will be awarded to Winners
  • E-certificate will be awarded to all participants.

Contact –

Feel free to contact us for more details: Ms. Suditi Tandon +91-9717530301

Official No. +91-94068-41953 Email: