About the course:

The present society is exceptionally organized. The web is pervasive and world without it is simply in-possible. As is appropriately said that there are two sides of a coin, this gift is as simplicity in access to universe of data and a flip side to it as digital wrongdoing fallen angels hiding in dim to work their stealth. Late studies have demonstrated an exceptional ascent in digital wrongdoing within the limited capacity to focus time.

Today, digital wrongdoing is simply not confined to email hacking but rather has dove its paws in every e-connection, coming about to Visa extortion, youngster erotic entertainment, phishing, remote key logging and so forth.

Great wins over malevolence as are the ideal opportunity for Cyber Avenger to battle for your rights and to give you your merited e-protection and security. Today lamented Parties don’t give careful consideration to such issues, staying away from the same because of the absence of consciousness of legitimate rights. Then again, ignorance drives programmers to carry out such wrongdoings with no danger of uncommon activities.

These Loopholes have resulted in the creation of this CERTIFICATE PROGRAM ON CYBERCRIME & SECURITY. The vision is to create a single source of information to equip the masses to fight against Cyber Crime and guide towards the right legal direction leading to Safe Cyber Crime Free India.

Duration of the course: 1.5 Months

Who can pursue?

Anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet can enroll for the Certification Course.

About the exam: The exam will consist of 30 questions. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

E-Certificates will be given to the students after completion of the course.

Note: We are giving you a book to study all the syllabus with that book only, which will be sent to you at your house and you can study them at your own pace.



Part – I


  • Need for Cyber Law in India
  • History of Cyber Law in India

 Part – II


  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Cyber Pornography
  • Email Related Crimes
  • Online Shopping Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Romance / Dating Scam
  • Identity Theft
  • Call SMS Forging
  • UK Jobs & Visa Fraud
  • Phising
  • Hacking
  • Instant Messaging
  • Cyber Stalking
  • WannaCrypt Ransomware

Part – III


  • Computer Security
  • E-Security
  • Password Security
  • Safety In Social Networking Sites
  • What is an IP Address
  • FAQs for Children
  • Netiquette
  • Security Information for Parents
  • FAQs for Parents
  • Reporting Internet Fraud
  • Security for Personal Computer
  • Mobile Devices & Bluetooth
  • Security Information for Women
  • FAQs for Women
  • Protecting your Wireless Network
  • Safe Surfing Tips
  • FAQs

Part – IV


  • Cyber Crimes or offence under the Information Technology Act , 2000
  • Impact of the Information Technology Act on Indian Penal Code1860
  • Types Of Crimes & Applicable Law

Course Fee: 1500/- [One Thousand Five Hundred Rupees Only]

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Date of commencement: 1st September 2018

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