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The Online Certificate Course offered by CYBERTALKINDIA – NETIZENS CHOICE, intends to spread awareness among the general public about all the space-related matter which is discussed by the whole world and we can also see how United Nations react on this.


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Since international space law is developing parallel with space technology, the treatise reflects this close relationship between natural and social sciences. Indeed, in some cases lawmaking is even somewhat ahead of scientific and technological progress (a case in point is the Agreement on the Activity of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, adopted in the United Nations in 1979, which relates to the rights and duties of states in utilizing the natural resources of the Moon and the planets of the solar system). On the other hand, it lags behind practical needs, in other cases, a fact that may be traced, for one thing, to the different approaches of some states to this or that legal problem. A notable part in composing these differences and bringing the positions of states closer together is played by the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). Little wonder, therefore, that a considerable part of this treatise is devoted to analyzing the activities of this UN General Assembly agency, which formulates the rules of international space law and the basic principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space.

The mention of the United Nations Organization, one of whose purposes as defined in its Charter as being “to achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character,” prompts me to emphasize the particular importance of international cooperation in space. Such cooperation is essential, if not inevitable, by virtue of such facts as the
expediency of an international division of labor in this expensive area of research, the advantages of pooling scientific potentials as a means of speeding the progress of space exploration, the need to share the benefits of space exploration with countries unable to explore it on their own, and the danger of space technology being used for aggressive purposes.

Who can pursue?

The Course has been handmade for the individuals who need to gain proficiency with the complexities of International Space Law. You could be a student or an expert.

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students from legal stream.
  • Faculty members in the fields of law wishing to learn the need and concept of space related matters.
  • Young lawyers.


The Concept and Sources of International Space Law | The Principles of International Space Law | The Legal Status of Artificial Space Objects | International Cooperation in the Rescue of Cosmonauts | International Responsibility for Space Activities | International Systems of Space Communications | Problems of International Law in Relation to Direct Television Broadcasting via Satellites | Problems of International Law in Space Meteorology | Problems of International Law in Remote Sensing | The Delimitation of Outer Space | The Status of the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies of the Solar System in International Law

Meet Faculty & Expert

Mr. Malcolm Dowden is an internationally-accredited provider of legal and professional training. He has designed and delivered training on issues such as contract risk management, contractual and statutory drafting and regulatory policy in the UK, Africa, South-East Asia and India. In 2013, Malcolm was appointed lead training consultant to the Law Society of England and Wales International Division, and more recently he has delivered training on Public Private Partnership laws and contracts on behalf of UKTI and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Prosperity Fund in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

 Mr. Akash Kamal Mishra is a reputed cyber lawyer, author, and technology expert and has been working in the field of cyberlaw from the last 6 Years. Mr. Mishra has completed his graduation from a reputed law college and has an experienced in working with Madhya Pradesh Cyber Police Zone Indore. He helped law enforcement in investigating many cases. He has authored many books related to cyber law and media technology where he has been recognized by many big brands as Hindustan Times, Danik Bhaskar etc. for his work. Also, he has been awarded by many Cyber Experts, MIT-Government of India and from ADGP, Indore for his outstanding contribution towards the cyber domain.

Benefits of Course

  • A Free Publication on reputed Edited Book
  • Certificate of Completing the Course and the publication as well
  • Top 5 Student will get a chance to publish their research based manuscript on full e-book bearing an International Standard Book Number for free of cost by Cyberlkeh Publications.
  • Edited Book will be made available online at Kindle + Google Play Books.

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Duration: 3 Months

  • Completely online.
  • Text-based modules and reading resources
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  • Assignment: submission of a short research paper
  • Optional and short answer written based exam 

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DISCLAIMER:- This is not a Diploma Course it’s a course designed by the firm itself to promote cyber education in society. If someone claims that he/she is from CYBERTALKINDIA and taking money against the Diploma Courses please write here cert.police@cybertalkindia.com. CYBERTALKINDIA does not offer any type of Diploma Courses to its students.



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