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About the Organization:

“CYBERTALKINDIA established in the year 2018, is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and MSME registered Virtual Firm in Madhya Pradesh, India which aims to focus on cybersecurity training and skill development about digital citizenship and internet safety. With the cashless economy boom, there is a pressing need to create a cyber-aware generation.

CYBERTALKINDIA has experience of working with School Kids, College Students, Professionals, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Senior Citizens on the lines of Cyber Security Awareness. CYBERTALKINDIA also offers dedicated courseware on Cyber Security, Cyber Law, and Internet Maturity Education and there are many more things that are useful for NETIZENS.

CYBERTALKINDIA is working day and night for cyber safety as well as the cyber consultancy to many governments as well as a non-government organization. CYBERTALKINDIA has completed moreover 100+ schools of different cities for cyber safety awareness and has spoken to more than 20k+ students about their safety rights.

CYBERTALKINDIA has been associated with many renowned personalities as their advisor from England to India.

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CYBERTALKINDIA believes that publication is one such mode to express our views in a different part of the country with this thought CYBERTALKINDIA started CYBERLEKH PUBLICATION’S (an imprint of cybertalkindia) its own publication wing to make awareness through our writings and also by the writings of the young Netizens.

CYBERTALKINDIA has been recognized by many governments, nonprofit organizations, advocates firms, corporates, and also many educational institutions.

CYBERTALKINDIA has recently been awarded the most prestigious award in the category of “VIRTUAL STARTUP OF THE YEAR” by The Indian Awaz at Guwahati.

About the Course:

Cyberspace cannot be regarded as being fragmented into national jurisdictions, because cyberspace necessarily operates worldwide. In contrast, intellectual property rights are still territorial in nature: that can be studied in relation to copyright protection in general and of computer software in particular, in relation to patent protection of computer-implemented inventions, and, to a lesser extent, with regard to trademark/domain name protection. However, intellectual property protection has been standardised by international conventions, especially the TRIPS Agreement. This standardisation has also loosened the territoriality principle which governs intellectual property rights. An international convention for the regulation of cyberspace would have to address the problem of territoriality of intellectual property rights and perhaps consider the establishment of an international organisation for the monitoring and policing of such a convention.

The course is intended to teach our students about the laws of Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Layout/Design, and Management in Cyberspace.

 Course Structure:

The modules are given online and to access them we are sharing passwords via email.

Duration: 2 Months

Syllabus : Introduction | Philosophy of Intellectual Property – Locke’s Theorem : Labour + Nature = property, Utilitarian / Economic Theory of IP, Democratic Theory, Radical / Socialist Theories, Relevance of theories – Future of IP |Impact of the internet on Intellectual Property | Copyright protection in cyberspace | Computer mediated phenomenon – Software Patents – Understanding Computer Software, Computer Languages, Developing Software, Legal Definition of Computer Program, Copyright Protection for Computer Program, Rise of Software Patents, Computer Program : Copyright V. Patents Debate, Argument for Inclusion of Computer Program Under Patents, Arguments Against Computer Patenting, Software Patents v. Freedom of Speech & Expression, Digital Music : Problems & Prospects , MP3 Music – Delight for Music Consumers, Nightmare for Music Procedures, Peer – to – Peer Networking (P2P) | Linking , Framing & Caching – Linking, Legal Issues Involved In Linking, Direct Linking, Deep Linking, Framing & In – Lining, Caching | Resolving Link Law Disputes –Same Principles | Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) | Trademarks & Domain Name in Cyberspace – Metatags – Use of Indexing word | ICANN and UDRP | Patent Misuse in Cyberspace

Exam structure/Assessment process: The exam will consist of 20 questions, 5 marks each. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

Mock Examination: There will be a Mock test for the course in question [Students will be notified via email.]

Publication of Assignment: You need to submit one assignment in between the time of the commencement of the course on any legal issue. Where the selected Assignments will be published by us in a book bearing an International Standard Book Number for free of cost. (You will be charged only for the Paperback edition of the Book)

Benefits of Course:

  • A Free Publication on reputed Edited Book
  • Certificate of Completing the Course and the publication as well
  • Top 5 Students will get a chance to publish their research-based manuscript on a full e-book bearing an ISBN for free of cost by Cyberlekh Publications.
  • Edited Book will be made available online at Kindle + Google Play Books

Fee Structure:

  • Discounted Fees: Rs. 1,499/-
  • Note: The Online Courses mentioned above are available at a discounted fee of Rs.1,499/- till December 25 After 25 December the fee will be Rs. 3500/-

Enrolment Process:

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Deadline for Admission: Admissions will be closed on 25th December at 11:59 PM. Limited seats are available.

Note: The registration confirmation of the payment will be sent immediately by the gateway channel itself so no need to be panic about the same. Students are requested to be patient till such a period and in case you do not receive the confirmation from the gateway channel kindly prefer to email us at courses[at]cybertalkindia[dot]com We generally, respond to emails in 24-48 hours.

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