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This short-term course provides an in-depth exploration of cyber torts, covering various offenses such as cyber-stalking and unauthorized system access. Participants will gain insights into legal frameworks, including the Information Technology Act, 2000, through theoretical lectures and practical case studies. Emphasizing real-world examples, the course equips participants, whether legal professionals or cybersecurity experts, with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of cyber law effectively.



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About Course

This comprehensive short-term course offers participants an extensive exploration of cyber torts, their multifaceted implications, and the intricate legal frameworks that govern them. Designed to provide a deep understanding of the complexities of cyber torts, the course delves into various types of cyber offenses, including but not limited to harassment via emails, cyber-stalking, dissemination of obscene material, unauthorized access to computer systems, and cyber terrorism against government organizations. Participants will embark on a journey to unravel the intricate dynamics of cyber torts, gaining insights into the motivations behind cybercriminal activities and the profound impacts they can have on individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Through a combination of theoretical lectures, practical case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will develop a nuanced understanding of the evolving landscape of cybercrime and the legal principles that underpin it.

One of the focal points of the course is an exploration of relevant laws and regulations governing cyber torts, with a particular emphasis on the Information Technology Act, 2000. Participants will examine key provisions of the act and analyze how it addresses various forms of cyber offenses, providing a solid foundation for understanding the legal implications of cyber torts in the digital age. Moreover, the course adopts a practical approach by incorporating real-world case studies and examples to illustrate the application of legal principles in actual scenarios. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze landmark cases involving cyber torts, dissecting court rulings and legal precedents to gain valuable insights into how the law is interpreted and applied in practice. 

By the end of the course, participants will emerge with a comprehensive understanding of cyber torts, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex legal landscape of the digital world. Whether you are a legal professional seeking to specialize in cyber law, a cybersecurity expert looking to deepen your understanding of legal frameworks, or a business professional aiming to mitigate legal risks associated with cyber activities, this course offers invaluable insights and practical guidance to help you succeed in the dynamic field of cyber law.

Who can pursue?

The Course has been handmade for the individuals who need to gain proficiency with the complexities of Cyber Law. You could be a student or an expert.

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students from any stream. (Law, Engineering, Social Science, Business, etc.)
  • Faculty members in the fields of law, social sciences, and business wishing to learn the concept and the need of Cyber Law.
  • Young lawyers.


Introduction to Cyber Torts  –  Overview of cyber torts: Definition and significance | Understanding the evolution of cyber torts in the digital world | Exploring different types of cyber torts and their impact on individuals and society | Legal Frameworks and Legislation – Overview of relevant laws and regulations governing cyber torts | Detailed study of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and its provisions related to cyber crimes | Analysis of other legal instruments such as the Indian Penal Code, Evidence Act, and their applicability in cyber tort cases | Types of Cyber Torts – Harassment via emails: Forms, consequences, and legal remedies | Cyber-stalking: Patterns, methods, and legal implications | Dissemination of obscene material: Child pornography, legal challenges, and enforcement measures | Cyber Security and Prevention – Unauthorized access to computer systems: Techniques, vulnerabilities, and preventive measures | Cyber terrorism against government organizations: Threats, impact, and national security concerns | Trespass to chattels: Understanding digital property rights and legal precedents | Case Studies and Practical Applications – Analysis of landmark cyber tort cases from around the world | Recent cyber torts incidents

Meet Faculty

 Mr. Akash Kamal Mishra is a reputed cyber lawyer, author, and technology expert and has been working in the field of cyberlaw from the last 7+Years. Mr. Mishra has completed his graduation from a reputed law college and has an experienced in working with Madhya Pradesh Cyber Police Zone Indore. He helped law enforcement in investigating many cases. He has authored many books related to cyber law and media technology where he has been recognized by many big brands like India News, Hindustan Times, Danik Bhaskar etc. for his work. Also, he has been awarded by many Cyber Experts, MIT-Government of India and from ADGP, Indore for his outstanding contribution towards the cyber domain.

He has also completed his Masters in Law with dual specialization i.e., Cyber & IPR Laws.

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  • The top 5 Students will get a chance to publish their research-based manuscript on a full e-book bearing an ISBN for free of cost.
  • Edited books will be made available online at Kindle + Google Play Book

Mode of Study

Course Fee
₹ 1100.00
₹ 1999.00
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Duration: 01 Month

  • Completely online.
  • Text-based modules and reading resources
  • Submit query form given inside the panel for Doubts
  • Assignment: submission of a short research
    based article/blog/paper.
  • Optional and short answer written based exam 

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DISCLAIMER:- This is not a Diploma Course it’s a course designed by the firm itself to promote cyber education in society. If someone claims that he/she is from CYBERTALKINDIA and taking money against the Diploma Courses please write here cert.police@cybertalkindia.com. CYBERTALKINDIA does not offer any type of Diploma Courses to its students.


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